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Who I am

Yes, you can call me as Fonts Wizard. I want to create magic by presenting lots of nice and expensive fonts as a free gift. If you like what I do or want to join me buy a font and share it or want to reward me for some reason, I'd love a cup of coffee from you! :) Thank you so much! I can use your reward to buy more exclusive fonts for you!

My Philosophy

I enjoy taking some time from my full time job as a fonts designer or buy fonts that I can share with you for your personal and commercial use. I believe in open source philosophy and I think this will be the great future.

Over time I have buy quite a good collection of fonts now used by thousands of people. And I couldn't be happier.

If for some reason you want to reward my work, I'd feel really appreciated. You would help me tremendously! It will help cover the cost of buying more letters to share so we will be happy together.

Of course, please visit the FontsWizard website regularly to download the many new exclusive fonts added:

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Free Cool Fonts Download - FontsWizard.com

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